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Smoked with the ghost...
Your weight shifting on the edge of my bed woke me in a slight state of panic. I turned to see who the source of the weight belonged to. It was you, with your slight smile and a gentle hand resting on my hip over the top of my dramatic mountain of quilts and blankets sheltering me from the cold that I always whinge so much about.
My heart beat quickened to see you, relief swept over me like the comfort of an old friend.
Your voice always like a song, one that always spoke reason in to my life instructed me gently to get some sleep, to calm down, everything was alright. You got up, you looked out the window and surveyed the stars as though you were looking for some guidance.
I tried to close my eyes and drift off back to sleep like you suggested, but I was restless. You glanced back at me, closing my curtains to shut out the light that was peeking in to my room. You asked me why I looked so sad, but it was nothing that I could place my finger on. I wanted you to talk to me, to lay with
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One last letter to my hero
Dear Michael,
You made me feel important and honored in your presence, like no one else for that moment mattered to you. You extended your hand to me and squeezed it and caused my heart to flutter with more feelings than I ever knew that I held in my possession.
No one had ever made my knees weaken, my hands tremble, think carefully before expelling each word from my lips. You made me feel worthy and as beautiful, no one had as much effect on me in that respect at the time, as you did.
I've never experienced someone with the eerie ability to steal the coherent thoughts from my mind with a soft, deep gaze. No one else could possibly have made me feel the way you did during those precise moments.
No one living has ever been able to teach me the things that you have instilled in to me for almost my entire life, indirectly. I would never have the morals and values that I withhold now if it weren't for your influence.
You made me smile and you made me laugh. Your ideas and thoughts and ways
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History Repeated
Gestures of affection so few and far between.
Terms of endearment are long forgotten, if ever they took place in the beginning.
Did he shorten her name lovingly? Did she once caress his face or smile at him with adoration? Did their hands ever graze, both slyly deliberate? Did they feel the rush of a first kiss? Just a taste of passion before the black oily metallic aftertaste started leaving bitterness in their mouths?
Memories fade.
Dry eyes.
Cold Hands.
Stone Hearts.
Deliberately caged far away in a distant place that mocked a disguise of safety.
History always repeats itself.
We've both become what we both dreamed not.
Resentment, bitterness, fear, rejection frozen in to a tangled web that has been subconsciously woven.
The silent lull of anguish enshrouds us like a thick, dark storm cloud that never wants to break apart. The bitterness, the taste so black, so poisonous -- I gag.
Aspirations and hopes once coddled and nutured now apart at the seams, undone; unpicked. Left in pieces
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With a huge sigh escaping my mouth, I sit cross-legged on my bed. In my hands I hold a piece of knitting I haven't touched in about six months. It was going to be a 'shrug' - just the sleeves to a sweater since that's all I wear anyway. A dark purple wool in garter stitch is for the cuffs and sides, and a pretty, acrylic, variegated yarn in stockinette stitch is for the main body. Except for the bits of hair caught in it - easily remedied - it looks very pretty, what little I have.
I sigh again. I pull off the blue pastic needle protector and pause - am I sure? I am. The first ten stitches - purple - slide off easily. It's not too late to change my mind, but I don't. The small red disk to remind me to switch stitches from garter to stockinette or vice versa goes with the needle protector. Now, the pink, blue, purple, and black colors on the variegated yarn pass before my eyes as all sixty stitches come off the needle. I come to the blue disk and the last ten purple stitches. Off they g
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I am so creepy that I am probably standing outside of your window right now holding a white cat in my arms and stroking its head gently with my eyes narrowed and my nose pressed up against the glass.
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Has anyone ever heard the song "Happy for the rest of your life" by Jimmy Soul?
HAHAHA. Classic. Seriously.

"If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life,
never make a pretty woman your wife
so from my personal point of view,
get an ugly woman to marry you!"

hahahah harsh. my kinda song.


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I read the letter again... I couldn't find the right words to comment it, I'm sorry. It moves me, as do all these letters I'm reading on here...


Gosh, I really do get this strong sense of familiarity from you, I just can't place the location... than I would know.

At any rate, it's nice to see you again, despite the circumstances. :D
SweetFedora77 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010
Who is this? Are you the one from the airport in 2006, or 2007, or something? I truly feel like I remember you...
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Hi, it's been so long since I've gotten to really send out comments! I wanted to stop by & say hi & to see how you are doing. How are you/ how have you been?

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